CSV Export v2 [GH] - specifying the file name with a date

rcadmin 02 Nov, 2012
I have got this all working and have set the filename but I would like the date-time added to the filename eg. myfilename-011112-141222

Or something like that.

Not sure what variable to use and how it is appended in the Filename field
GreyHead 04 Nov, 2012
Hi rcadmin,

I'm away from the office and don't remember the details of the action code. I think you can use a Custom Code action to set a variable in the form->data array and then use curly brackets to include that into the file name box.

rcadmin 04 Nov, 2012
Thanks that put me on course.

I added the following custom code

<?php $tdate=date('dmY-Hi'); ?>
<input type="hidden" name="date" value="<?php echo $tdate?>">

And then used {date} in the file name.
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