Working on localhost and form not appearing | validation?

julester 30 Oct, 2012
Hi - hoping you can help me!

First time ChronoForms user and so far I'm impressed. I've created a form and installed the plug in so I can insert the form in an article, but it's not appearing - I just get the code showing on the page without the div tags:


I'm working on my localhost at the moment and receive an error message about my instal not being validated. Is this the reason my form isn't working or is it something more sinister? Is there a way I can validate the instal on my localhost so I can complete testing before going live?

Thanks, Julie
GreyHead 30 Oct, 2012
Hi Julie,

I just replied to your email.

The validation isn't the cause of your problem.

Please check this FAQ on showing a form in an article and this FAQ on ChronoForms validation

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