big forms and the max_input_vars limit

emmexx 27 Oct, 2012
One of my forms crashed against the wall of the max_input_vars limit (1000).
I fear that my host won't let me modify that value since it's a security issue.
So I should devise a strategy in order to accomplish this job.

I read the faq and the tutorials and I suppose that using a multi-page form won't work.
So the only viable solution is to divide the controls on more than one form, create a wizard, save partial data to a table, use a workflow a little more complicated than I'd use with a single form.

Is there any other way to over overcome the max_input_vars limit?

Thank you
GreyHead 27 Oct, 2012
Hi Maxx,

You've got it. First check with your host. It's not a big security issue and you may be able to change it in your php.ini file.

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