Help with padding

bnfrank 25 Oct, 2012
Okay, so I'm sure this has been asked a thousand times. I just can't find it in the forum.

Here is a link to my form:

Obviously, it's not done yet. You can see that the fields touch each other. There is no padding. Also, the names are above, when I don't have that option selected.

How do I put padding between these elements? And get the tag back on the side of it?

Thank you in advance.
GreyHead 26 Oct, 2012
Hi Beth,

There are a couple of things happening here.

a) You have used a multi-element row but there isn't enough space in the template to fit the two elements side by side.

b) Your template CSS is over-riding the ChronoForms CSS and changing some of the settings. In particular it sets the input box width to 100%.

If you use your browser web developer tools you can see what is happening and work out the best way to handle it.

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