Single Contact form for multiple people

desalvsj 16 Oct, 2012
Been searching thru the forums, but no luck, so thought I would ask. I am currently using the "out of the box" Joomla 2.5 contact form for several members of our church. Getting hit by spam robots now, so want to do a custom form with honey pots since my other more complex forms have been working very well without spam. Without creating a separate instance of the form for each person, is there a way to dynamically populate the To: email address based on the link or contactid passed to the form from the link ? I see many posts about how to dynamically send via a drop down choice in the form, but none on this. Thank you.

desalvsj 16 Oct, 2012
Thanks Bob, here is a specific example of what I am after. I have a contact form with two links contact1 and contact2, both of these users profiles and email addresses are stored in the contacts component of the site. Is there a way that you can pass the contactid as an input to the form, then have the form lookup the email address from the DB using that parameter as the key? Thanks
GreyHead 18 Oct, 2012
Hi desalvsj,

You should be able to get info from the jos_contact_details table using either the id from the table (if you know it) or the user id, which should be in the user_id column.

If you only want the email then that is available in the normal jos_users table. Please see this FAQ

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