Blank page when using List Data Task Control & custom search

naitre 09 Oct, 2012
I got a blank page when im using "List Data Task Control" and custom search form for my connection page. I have CC 4.0 RC3.2

I use "List Data Task Control" to show page header(title) above my listing (above toolbar) as per your FAQ (

And for search settings, i use a custom form (set event in Search Form event).

The problem is, i got a blank page when i combined both two.
If i disable "List Data Task Control" (no task number assigned), listing shows ok with custom search form.

if i disable custom search form (just use the provided search - blank value for search form event), and set number to "List Data Task Control", listing shows ok.

Here are my events:

on search event:
- show form

on listing event:
- show thanks message (html code for page header)
- Chrono Connectivity Task

How to solve this (use both)?
naitre 09 Oct, 2012
Forgot to mention i use auto listing feature.

Is there anyway i can use custom search form, and show a page header above the toolbar?

Really appreciate your answer.
Max_admin 17 Oct, 2012

Sorry, this may be late, but did you try to simply add the header in the search box event ? using task control for the listing AND the search makes some troubles, so just use one and do both tasks through it.

ChronoForms developer...
Did you try ChronoMyAdmin for managing your Joomla database tables ?
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