show how many think left

Qbik 07 Oct, 2012
I wonder if there is an option to add functionality to form like this

For example I set forms with photo CD from lesson
I add radio button with CD (limited numbers e.g. 50 item) and electronic version - link

Can I set somehow counting down CD numbers - or show information close to CD radio button with information how many CD left?

I set start number at backend and with each form that sign for CD number is updated to the correct value

I hope so that i write it easy to understand
GreyHead 07 Oct, 2012
Hi Qbik,

You can do this if you have a table where you store the number of CDs left (or the number purchased). Include a DB Record Loader in the On Load event to get the count as say 'cd_count' and include it in your form using {cd_count} in an Element.

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