Can't drag and drop with wizard.

rowby 27 Sep, 2012

I checked some posts here on this issue but nothing suggested is working for me.

Running Joomla 1.5.26 Chronoforms 4.0 RC3.5.1 System - Mootools Upgrade enabled

I can't drag and drop using the Form wizard.

I checked the source of the admin page and see that I apparently have the correct mootools running.

MooTools, My Object Oriented Javascript Tools. Copyright (c) 2006 Valerio Proietti, <>, MIT Style License.

var MooTools={version:'1.12'};f

Any suggestions? I am using Chronoforms 4.0 RC3 5.1 to take advantage of server side validation because we we getting forms with required fields not filled out in some cases.


GreyHead 27 Sep, 2012
Hi rowby,

That's the wrong MooTools; for CFv4 you need to see v1.2 in Joomla! 1.5.

Maybe the MooTools upgrade isn't working or some other component is over-riding it.

rowby 28 Sep, 2012
Ah. That fixed it.

With the mootools upgrade (at least the one on the for Joomla 1.5 there is a drop down in the plug-in admin panel that lets you choose what version of Mootools to use for front end and back end.

You can choose Mootools 1.2 or 1.12

In my case, selecting 1.12 fixed the drag and drop issue.


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