How to change the Editor to JCK Editor?

wegwb 26 Sep, 2012
Hi all,

i need the JCK editor for my Layoutchanges into a text.
Im a beginner. I think it would be best to.
GreyHead 26 Sep, 2012
Hi webwg,

Which editor location are you asking about? There are several in ChronoForms.

wegwb 28 Sep, 2012
i thing the editor style or prog is every the same.
I need the jckeditor to change my layout in the formmanager e.g. if i picked the formattet text toll.
Puh i hope you understand my description?
GreyHead 28 Sep, 2012
Hi wegwb,

Unfortunately they aren't all the same :-(

If you are using the Enable WYSIWYG Editor setting in the Textarea element then I think that ChronoForms uses the current default Editor set in the Joomla! configuration for the User's Group.

If you are using the Email Template Editor then you can't change to a different editor.

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