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eleo_ 25 Sep, 2012
i've installed chronoforms V4 on my joomla 2.5
I've a big form, and when i click "register" i'd like to
1. see a message that "look your email and click on confirmation link"
2. send an email whith a code/link ad a confirmition

when i click on the link i'd like to:
1. see a messagge that "Congratulation you are now a user"
2. send an email to a static email, with all the data was compiled in my big form.

Can you help me?
Sorry for my bad english!
GreyHead 25 Sep, 2012
Hi eleo__,

I suggest that you start with this tutorial. It uses an earlier release of ChronoForms v4 so you may find some changes in the layout and the options in the current version.

eleo_ 25 Sep, 2012
i see the tutorial.
but in my big form i don't have a field "password"
GreyHead 25 Sep, 2012
Hi eleo__,

Are you doing a Joomla! User Registration? Or just adding the names to a database table?

eleo_ 25 Sep, 2012
i've put on "On Submit" "Joomla User Registration" and follow the tutorial, but Whereas i don't have a field password it return me an error about it can't find a password.
GreyHead 25 Sep, 2012
Hi eleo__,

Well yes, if you want to do a Joomla! Registration you need to provide a password. There is an option in the Joomla! Registration action to have ChronoForms create one for you if you don't want a password input in your form.

eleo_ 25 Sep, 2012
but i don't need a user registration, i've a form that is a "big quiz" but when you send it, you must confirm with an email... and the data that you have put into the field are send by email.
eleo_ 25 Sep, 2012
my form have this field: name, city, email, gender, phone, privacy.

When i click submit, i'd like to see a message that inform "something is waiting for you" and receive a email (@eleo_) whith an activation link.

When i click on the email link, the administrator receive a mail with:
name: elena
city: firenze
email: [email][/email]
gender: F
phone: 111111
privacy: yes

and i receive (@eleo_) an email that inform "soon receive the profiles related to you"
GreyHead 26 Sep, 2012
Hi eleo_,

You can do this by adding an new Event to your form called, say, 'confirm'.

In the normal On Submit event validate the submitted data, save it and then send the verification email with a link including the event and an identifier for this user e.g.

Then in the new Event add code to validate the user, retrieve their information and send the next two emails.

eleo_ 26 Sep, 2012

i'm not an expert... i must use email verification sender?
And what should be do the event confirm? send an email?
GreyHead 26 Sep, 2012
Hi eleo_,

You don't need to use the email verification sender. An ordinary email with the link will work.

This is not a simple form that you are building, you may need to get help from someone with more experience.

SPABO 11 Dec, 2012
Hi Bob,
Struggling with the same idea

I have got a form to subsribe eg for a "course"

After the fields are properly filled out, including the captcha code, on submit I would like to see a (thank you) page.""Hello , your form is submitted to your e-mailadress, you need to activate the link in order to approve""

When the link has been activated:
-Data should be in de corresponding table.
-A final confirmation e-mail should be sent out

Hope you can follow me....🙄
GreyHead 12 Dec, 2012

Here's the quick answer.

You need to save the data when the form is first submitted. I would save it in the final table with a status column to show that it is provisional.

Add a new Event to your form and have the Verification link point to that. Then add actions that will verify the link is valid; update the status of the saved record; and send your email.

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