How to delete linked table.

nilshenriks 19 Sep, 2012
I am running 4.0 RC3.4.1 and Joomla 2.5.7
How can I disable a linked table so that I can edit the actual form? I tried Form Wizard > Actions > DB Save > Configuration:
Enabled: No
Table: deselect the table and select --

After saving it defaulted back to the original form with the linked table. No change. :?

What am I doing wrong? I created a copy of the form (DONE), want to add more fields and then link it to a newly created table. I attached the form (caps_audition).

Thanks, Henrik
GreyHead 20 Sep, 2012
Hi Henrik,

You don't need to disable the link. The DB Save is disabled anyhow so won't do anything. Just create your new table and then connect a DB Save action to it.

nilshenriks 20 Sep, 2012
Sorry Bob for not making myself clear. I want to add more form fields and currently the form won't allow me since it is tied to a table.

Hence my initial question how I can delete the table so that I can start editing the form and then later I will create a new table to store data.

Greetings, Henrik
GreyHead 20 Sep, 2012
Hi Henrik,

Whatever is stopping you adding more inputs it isn't because the form is 'tied' to a table.

What exactly happens?

nilshenriks 20 Sep, 2012
Hi again,
I click on wizard edit and drag and drop a form element, then click on Configure and save. However it won't save and reverts back to the original (current) form. Henrik
nilshenriks 01 Oct, 2012
Hi Bob,
sorry for my late reply. I was out traveling to NYC last week. I did inquire with Hostgator. Had to control the max_input_vars from my local php.ini file and not on the global php configuration. It worked. I am now able to edit and save the form again.

Thanks so much for the FAQ.
GreyHead 02 Oct, 2012
Hi Henrik,

Great, thanks for letting us know that it worked OK.

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