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tlegens 16 Sep, 2012
I have a event registration form that I want to allow the user to confirm their choices either via a lightbox pop up or preferably second page that lists all their choices and allows them to go back and change values or submit. I know there is an event I can drag onto the form but I havent a clue on how to configure it. Would someone be willing to share the steps needed to complete the process?

I have the form created and it is functioning as it should. I am using the latest version of chronoforms along with Joomla 2.5,6.
GreyHead 16 Sep, 2012
Hi tlegens,

The action you need is probably the Confirmation page. There's a thread here about using it - from a few months ago if I recall correctly (I found it here ).

tlegens 16 Sep, 2012
Bob, I've altered my form to include the items on his final form. Is there any code I need to input in the event switcher? When I hit submit on my form it does give me the submit and cancel buttons but no data to confirm. I am not doing server side validation or recaptcha although I am doing the standard captcha. Do I also need to add the hidden field to my form?

GreyHead 16 Sep, 2012
Hi Tom,

You need to add whatever you want to display in the Page Code box of the Confirmation Page action using {input_name} where you want to display form values.

A quick way to enter code here is to use the Email action Autogenerate template button and then to copy and paste the resulting template code into the Confirmation Page action.

tlegens 16 Sep, 2012
That worked really well. I now have the form working the way it should with the confirmation page.

On a secondary note, I needed to change a field from a single checkbox to a checkbox group. I made the name of the field the same on the new and just deleted the old. I see it updated in the database and output of the debugger shows the new output of the field as a yes or no as it should. However, in the database the field is blank. I deleted the table I originally had used and created a new table based on the form. Linked it up in the DB save and with my action that exports the csv. However, the fields I changed are blank instead of giving me the yes or no or even 1 or 0. I have the field set as varchar.

Any ideas?
tlegens 17 Sep, 2012
I figured out my problem as soon as I seen my results email. I need another handle arrays event to go before the db add operation. All good🙂

Bob, you're great. Another donation on the way! Best Joomla add on!
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