Problem with background color in IE

peppe98 12 Sep, 2012
Hi, this is my problem:

I've changed the background color of the form (in "style form" settings, in the events section of the "form wizard") and it works in firefox but not in IE(version 9):background is not displayed.

Can you help me with this issue?

GreyHead 12 Sep, 2012
Hi peppe98,

Please post a link to the form so I can take a quick look.

peppe98 12 Sep, 2012
I solved it:
If the form is published through the plugin with formula {chronoform}form_name{/chronoform} the problem appears.
If the form is published directly through the menu (creating a new item in the menu), it's all ok.

neltek 01 Jan, 2013

I am searching the forums for how to set the background colour of the form.
Found this and it refers to the "events" tab
I have seen references before to the "events" tab
but I can't see it in my wizard view

Can someone help me find it?


neltek 01 Jan, 2013
Ah found I was in easy form wizard
Set up new form using form wizard and found the controls

Since then have found if you have a form in easy form wizard, click on form name, in general tab there is a drop down to switch between easy form wizard and form wizard
GreyHead 02 Jan, 2013
Hi neltek,

In the Easy Wizard you can set CSS on the Others tab.

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