Emails being sent twice

datatonic 07 Sep, 2012
Hi there,

I have looked at all other posts regarding this problem and none of them have solved mine.

I have tried submitting the form using &tmpl=component to rule out the template and still 2 emails are sent.

I am using the latest version of ChronoForms 4.

I have attached a zipped back up of the form.

It is a simple contact form, no captcha.

I have also tried sending emails through the joomla contact form and can confirm only one is sent.

I am using php mail for the mail system.

Any pointers most welcome.

GreyHead 15 Sep, 2012
Hi datatonic,

I restored and tested the form and don't see any problems. The form debug shows that one email is sent and I only receive one copy.

Are both emails identical?

datatonic 19 Sep, 2012
Second comes through with out the form information and just the titles of the fields.

You can take a look at it live - here
datatonic 19 Sep, 2012
Ok just to make this weirder, when you tested the form, only one came through, but when I test it, I get 2. I'm going to make sure this isn't my server being strange now, as I think it just might be.

I'll come back to you if it isn't.
mjwillyone 20 Sep, 2012
I have a similar problem .. except I get three emails! One has field titles and date, the other two have field titles and field names (i.e. Address : {input_text_6} )

I am actually not able to edit the forms ... Every time I click on the name of the form on my Form Manager, or even click the Wizard Edit link, I get a new form with no data. So, I cannot at this point even see what email address is associated with the form to see if, by chance, I have entered it more than once.

Thank you!
GreyHead 21 Sep, 2012
Hi Mike,

I haven't seen the problem of getting new forms generated before so have no idea what might be causing it. You might want to try asking Max if he has any idea - use the Contact Us link above.

The three emails I would guess might be coming because you have used the Easy Wizard - that has three email actions included though normally they are disabled until you need them.

mjwillyone 21 Sep, 2012
Thanks .. I have just used the Contact Us form to send a message.

By the say .. 28,000+ posts for you? WOW.. that is unbelievable. You must live here! ha ha

Efstathiou 16 Nov, 2012
I have the exact same problem, mjwillyone have you figured out what the problem was?
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