downloading information into already-created forms

wendy823 28 Aug, 2012
Hi - New to chronoforms and hope I have the right forum/area.

I am wanting to take forms that my company uses and download them into a fillable format. No problem. Can do that from alot of applications. However, from there, I'm wanting to map the form fields to something like the columns in a csv file and then download info from the csv file into the form.

EX: I download a form that has a fillable field called: "Last Name". I want to download a person's last name (plus other information) into the correct field of the form. This may take programming which I'm not well-versed in, but am willing to pay for depending on the cost.

Thank you!
GreyHead 29 Aug, 2012
Hi wendy823,

You can put the existing data into database tables (like CSV files) and query those to load data into your ChronoForms. The DB Record Loader and DB Multi-Record Loader actions help you load the data from the table(s).

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