Error loading component: com_chronoforms, 1

diabolka 22 Aug, 2012
We had an unusual situation with our Chronoforms. Last week, our forms stopped submitting over the weekend. When the submit button was selected, the result was a blank page and no emails, etc. No PHP debug information was shown. It didn't even seem to go to that step. We backed up the forms and downloaded them. The chronoform component, module and plugin was deleted. The database was checked to make sure there was nothing in them chronoforms related. We did a clean install of all three. Now, when going to Chronoforms in the backend after install, we are getting this error:

Error loading component: com_chronoforms, 1

It saves the form and when I do the test run again, it once again, goes to the blank page. If you look at the source, it is truly blank. It isn't the template, it isn't anything.

Any suggestions?
GreyHead 22 Aug, 2012
Hi diabolka,

Nothing changed in ChronoForms so something changed on the site or server. At a guess you ran some form of anti-virus/anti-hack checker and it quarantined some of the key ChronoForms files. At least two of them contain a few lines of base64 encoded PHP and that can set off warnings. The code is harmless and the fix is to white-list the files.

If this isn’t the problem then it gets tougher to diagnose. Try temporarily setting Error Reporting to Maximum in the Site Global Configuration and see if you then get a more meaningful error message.

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