Preselect a Radiobutton

misfit 14 Aug, 2012

on my site is one form to reserve apartments. for each apartment is a radio buttons in the form. at the bottom of the page that contains the description (not the form) of the apartment, should be a button that says "reserve now". when the user clicks on it, he jumps to the page with the form and the radio button of this apartment has to be (pre)selected. but how can i put this in to practice? cat anyone help me?
GreyHead 15 Aug, 2012
Hi misfit,

I'm not clear which bit you are asking about?

You can add a button with a link to your article easily enough. You'll need to make sure that something in the link identifies the apartment. You can also use a mini-form with a button and some hidden inputs if that is easier. This FAQ may help.

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