Chronoforms_V4_RC3.4.1_J1.6 Data format

cassy 13 Aug, 2012
Hello all. To display the date in the format dmY, I went to the datepicker setting and I entered:

format: ('d/m/Y'), days: ['Domenica', 'Lunedi', 'Martedi', 'Mercoledi', 'Giovedi', 'Venerdi', 'Sabato'], months: ['Gennaio', 'Febbraio', 'Marzo', 'Aprile', 'Maggio', 'Giugno', 'Luglio', 'Agosto', 'Settembre', 'Ottobre', 'Novembre', 'Dicembre']

But the mail still get the date format Ymd and so also the table in the database saves the date in this format. How can I fix?
In custom date picker in the actions I have included both in the format dmY in
Date format shown
Date format posted

Max_admin 17 Aug, 2012

The format doesn't require brackets:
format: 'd-m-Y'
same for output format.

ChronoForms developer...
Did you try ChronoMyAdmin for managing your Joomla database tables ?
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