Sending form as mail to specific user group

weetabix 10 Aug, 2012

I have a private website/intranet where I want the users to be able to send mail with a form to a specific preselected joomla user group. They should be able to attach at least one file, and I would also like the mail to get stored as an article as a mail history.

Can I do this with Chronoforms?


EDIT: I should mention that the amount of mails that will go out is no more than 25-30 at any time, so no need to pace them or anything like that.
GreyHead 10 Aug, 2012
Hi Tommy,

I've never tried but I expect that you can. If you use the Joomla! methods to get the Group members' ids you can look up their email addresses, put them into an array and use my Email [GH] action to send them (it will handle email address arrays better than the standard action).

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