Stopper inside Custom Code

Elmes 08 Aug, 2012
How can I put Stopper Action inside Custom Code?
For example, two submit buttons are used. One of them for saving record to db, other one is for deleting record from db. On "On Submit" event "Custom Code" checks if user pressed Delete button and if did, removes record from db. If user pressed Create button "Custom Code" does nothing and next action named "DB Save" is starting. There is no need to search for other ways to solve this situation. Of course I could use different forms... Only thing I want to know is the ability of stopping actions' queue inside Custom Code.

Sorry for possible language mistakes. I'm from Russia.
GreyHead 11 Aug, 2012
Hi elmes ,

Or you can use my Event Switcher [GH] action which would let you use different action sequences for the Edit and Delete results (use Event A for the delete and let the Edit use the normal event flow).

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