Error on 1.1 on document with photos upload

yaksushi 01 Aug, 2012
I'm only getting the below error when trying to upload larger word documents with photos embedded into the doc. The file size is under the 19mb limit I put on my max size in kb. This is happening with the latest version of Chronoforms 4.0 RC 3.4.1
GreyHead 02 Aug, 2012
Hi yaksushi ,

Then there is probably a lower limit set in your php.ini file. You can check that on the Site Admin | Help | System Info pages

yaksushi 06 Aug, 2012
That solved the Error 0 1.1 issue, my php.ini was set too small.

What about the upload just hanging? I have some users reporting that the form just hangs with their larger documents. I've had them email them to me and I can upload them just fine. Any ideas?
GreyHead 06 Aug, 2012
Hi yaksushi,

It's possible that it just takes a while to upload if the document is large and the internet connection is not very fast.

Please see this FAQ which shows you how to add a loading gif. It doesn't make the upload any faster but lets the user know that something is happening.

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