TIP: jquery plugin (J 2.5 / CF 4.0)

jj135 08 Mar, 2012

Today I've been struggling with a form on a site that also uses jquery. (Joomla 2.5.2 & Chronoforms 4.0) The javascript validation did not work correctly. I tried including jQuery in my template index.php. I also tried several plugins with no success. Even tried some the thing the things suggested in 'ChronoForms v4 resolving jQuery problems.pdf' but still could not get it to work.

Until I installed the JB Library Plugin. Excellent! It really works.😀

Make sure 'Query No-Conflict' is enabled in the plugin settings and , of course, the plugin is turned on.

So if you run into the same problem: Give a try.

Just wanted to let you know.
GreyHead 08 Mar, 2012
Hi jj135,

It seems like a really practical plug-in and works well provided that the template an extensions are well-behaved in their file loading and use the $doc methods. If they don't then you need to go back and hack the template.

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