accessibility: for attribute in label with id in input

tubantix 10 Feb, 2012

I would like to insert a for="" attribute in the label tag and the id="" attribute in the input tag to make the forms accessible. It is for the joomla 2.5 version.
I know how to insert it in the form code, but I would like to add it in the component code. 'Cause each time you save the form, the modifications are gone.

Where can I add these attributes in the component code? It is for version V3.1 RC5.5.

Thank you very much.
GreyHead 10 Feb, 2012
Hi tubantix,

Hmmm ChronoForms V3.1 RC5.5 doesn't run on Joomla! 2.5 so I'm confused about which versions you have??

tubantix 12 Feb, 2012
Hi Bob,

Thank you for your answer. Sorry about the confusion...
It's version 4.0 RC3.11 on J2.5.1, fresh installed last week :-)

Can you help me with adding a for="" and id="" attribute in the label and input tag?
Like <label for="name"></label><input id="name" /> etc etc...
I've learned that this is very important for accessible websites. And because I'm working for an organisation for equal rights for people with a disability, it's important that our website is accessible :-)

Thank you very much for your help. I think chronoforms is the best form component for Joomla!

Best regards,
tubantix 12 Feb, 2012
Hello Bob,

I've found it! I was looking with my eyes closed... 😶 Great that it is now standard in the chronoforms wizard.
Sorry for this unnecessary thread. You may close this one and consider it not-sent...

(btw, do you also like belgian beers? :wink: )

Best regards,
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