Redirect User on Multilanguage Site

perarg 09 Feb, 2012
After one solved issue, another one comes...

Using two forms, the first one sends data to the second one, using Redirect User. But my enviroment is multilanguage. So, if i using it in greek, the redirect url is ./el/form, if the user interface language is english i should redirect to ./en/form and so on...
I thought to duplicate the first form and change the Redirect URL to every language (i have five active languages)

Is the only solution the duplication of the first form ? Or there is something that does the trick ?

thanks again
GreyHead 09 Feb, 2012
Hi Perang,

Are you using ChronoForms multi-language actions to manage the form languages?

perarg 09 Feb, 2012
Yes, i am using multilanguage on Load section (before ShowHTML) and it works great with the strings.
I tried enter the "english url"="greek url" but nothing happened.
I also tried to enter multilanguage action on submit section, above the Redirect User action, with the same settings but with no success...

Every time it loads the default, english url that is inside Redirect User action.
GreyHead 09 Feb, 2012
Hi Perarg,

The MultiLanguage action should work in any event. You will need to add more copies for the second form though. It will get the language from the Joomla! language setting. You may need to set that form the URL if it isn't being set automatically.

perarg 11 Feb, 2012
Weird things happened...

First of all, it doesn't translate the urls. I have in Redirect User action the following url:
When the user selects the Greek language, the Redirect User should give the following url: (where kratiseis is the greek word for reservations)
And so on for the other three languages of the site.

I tried put Multi Language action and at the translation strings entered:
but with no success... (The Multi Language action is placed both on Load and On Submit section and they aren't the final actions)

The Second Weird thing is that i choose that i don't wan't labels to be visible. In English language this works. When i alter language to Greek for example, the labels come up!

Some help will be much appreciated...
Thank you!
perarg 13 Feb, 2012
Found solutions (or bugs)

For the first one, i had to type only the last part and not the whole link. (For example, i had to type "reservations" and translate it to "kratiseis"). It doesn't work with the full url (http://...)

For the second one and hidden labels, i can describe you how to recreate the problem. In my form i have a drop down list. If you try to translate any of the options, the labels of all items will be visible. (Even if you have set them as hidden before)
GreyHead 13 Feb, 2012
Hi Perarg,

Sorry, I can't replicate this problem.

Please take a Form Backup using the icon in the Forms Manager and post it here (as a zipped file) or PM or email it to me and I'll take a closer look.

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