Chronoforms V4 and community builder registration

Jasrow 08 Feb, 2012

I would like to know, how tu use the CB support option in the Joomla registration users to some fields that are filled in the form (Chronoforms) will be saved in the jos_comprofiler table.
Y hace used the CB support in the action Joomla Registration users and I have checked the names of the fields to be the same that the table of Community Builder.

But doesn´t work, I have no idea what to do

Thank you
GreyHead 10 Feb, 2012
Hi Jasrow,

It looks to me as though the CB option in the Joomla! Registration action only adds the fields that are needed for registration. You should be able to save extra fields using a DB Save action.

Jasrow 10 Feb, 2012
I have already found the solution. CB option in the Joomla! Registration works correctly and saved all the fields to de Community Builder table, my problem was that I didn´t pass correctly the fields username and password
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