mootools conflict

akaentertainment 15 Jan, 2012
hi there
love the forms component. but unfortunately it conflicts with my templates on a couple of sites.

on one - if mootools is switched ON (which is need to create forms etc) my site menus (dropdowns) wont work. They will only work when i turn mootools off. (I am on joomla 1.5 and using gavick template gamebox)

can you advise of a fix?
GreyHead 15 Jan, 2012
Hi akaentertainment,

If I understand correctly your template doesn't support the Joomla! MooTools Upgrade plug-in and breaks when MooTools 1.2.5 is loaded? The best thing to do is to ask Gavick to upgrade their template.

Meanwhile you can still use ChronoForm3 v3 - that will run with MooTools 1.12.

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