Limit access to table display?

blackforce 14 Jan, 2012

First thank you for that great component! I had a bit of a learning curve, but it's been fairl smooth and I've managed to get 80% of what I wanted, which more than any other extension I tried! thanks to all the devs and the people that wrote the tutorials!

Now, on to business🙂

I've created my form ("form1"), and another ("form2") that is using the multiloader that display all the results from form1.
I'd like to limit the access to that table to only those that have filled out form1. How can I achieve this please?

Ideally, only those that have updated form1 (which repopulate their entries based on userid) in the last X days can see the table, but that may be too much to ask? :-)


GreyHead 15 Jan, 2012
Hi blackforce,

You can use a Custom Code action in the On Load event after the DB Record Loader to check the loaded date to see if the values you want are there, you can also check the created and modified dates to see when the data was last updated.

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