"multi page like" stuff in v4

Eldar 11 May, 2011
Hi all,
I am trying to make a multipage form that will save data into 2 tables related as 1 to many. I thought that it may be possible with muti-page plugin but it does not exist for V4.
The idea is that user creates a description of his birdwatching event once (saved in table 1) and then adds data for birds seen during this event (table 2) several times.
I decided to open a second form using "show form" action in utilites. But it does not work and I cannot find any examples of "show form" use on forum. Is it possible to open second form (that is saving reults to child table)?
1. How to use show form action?
2. What is an appropriate way to create such set of forms?
3. Should I switch to V3 and go for multi page?

My experience in web forms is really basic though I know MS ACCESS, so hopefully will be able to understand chronoforms.
Thanks a lot!
GreyHead 13 May, 2011
Hi Eldar,

I've not used the Show Form action before but it looks like the correct way to do this. Put it in the OnSubmit event for the first form at the end and then put the name of the form you want to display in the Form Name box.

You'll presumably also need to pass some identifier for the record; you could just add this into the user session data and look it up again in the second form.

Eldar 14 May, 2011
Hi Bob,
Thanks a lot for the reply. It seems that show.form action just doeas not work or I am doing something totally wrong (I looked at it with debugger but it just doeas not work at all). I have decided to to all of the stuff with links and chronoconnectivity. It seems to work pretty well. I did not understood before that some can transfer variables just through a web link with "&". I am so happy to figure it out!
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