Lagunary 06 May, 2011

I'm using Chronoforms and Connectivity for a form. Firstly use Chronoforms to store datas in database. After this if I want to modify these values it use Connectivity.
The problem is the following:
If I use accentuated letters (e.g.:é,á,ó,í,ű,ő) for values in drop down field, these letters are written into database but when I open with Connectivity there are no values in form for these fields. Datas are stored in mysql database UTF-8_general_ci encoding, collapsing for tables as same as for fields. Phpmyadmin show valid and stored datas in table. When I open form with Connectivity, it can't show datas in drop down fields.
It is so strange because in a simple text field or text area these accentuated letters can be showed.

Is it a known bug? How can I use with accentuated letters in drop down field?

Thank you for your answer
GreyHead 06 May, 2011
Hi Lagunary,

I don't remember this being reported before. If may be because the {record_edit} (I think) uses JavaScript to set the field values.

Please post a link to the form so we can take a quick look.

Lagunary 06 May, 2011
It will take a few time to upload it to a public server. I'll inform you.
Thank you for your help.

Lagunary 07 May, 2011
I'll send you the link in PM.
GreyHead 07 May, 2011
Hi Lagunary ,

I'm not seeing the problem; or I'm not understanding it. I clicked an Edit Record link in ChronoConnectivity and the form loads OK and appears to show the correct character set.

[attachment=1]07-05-2011 21-07-41.png[/attachment]

But if I look in the database table the values have been stored without accents so they will not match up.

[attachment=0]07-05-2011 21-22-29.png[/attachment]

Lagunary 09 May, 2011
Excuse me for it. I think my describe was not precise.
These sotred datas without accentuated letters e.g: Kiss Akos were made before I tried with accentuated letters. I've tried it with this now: Kiss Ákos.

I have to describe my issue properly.
Please make the following steps and you should see the problem.
1. make an modification on any stored submission, especially with any field which has accentuated letters. e.g.: which one was printscreened.
2. Save it.
3. Open it again.
4. You should see the modified datas disappeared when the form was loaded, although the database has it.
This disappearing regards only that fields which have accentuated letters and they are in drop down menu.

Thank you for your help,
Lagunary 11 May, 2011

Did you managed to localise the problem?

Lagunary 16 May, 2011
Hi There,

Do you have any update now?

My project is starting to be urgent😟

GreyHead 19 May, 2011
Hi Viktor,

I've reinstalled your site again on my replacement test server and I still see no evidence of any accents being lost from stored values in drop-downs.

What I do see is that the selected value is not being set correctly when the page is republished. I'm not sure why this is - probably a problem with character sets and the JavaScript that Max uses to republish the values.

I wouldn't save user names in this case (or in any case). I'd set the values of the drop-downs to be the User Ids and the look up the names as needed.

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