V 4 won't save unless debug is turned on

wdemilly 01 May, 2011
I've downloaded and installed the latest versions of Chronoforms files for Joomla 1.5

I'm using Joomla 1.5.23
Mootools Upgrade is Enabled
Chronoforms License is validated

I am able to click through to any of the hyperlinked menu items (forms manager, forms wizard etc.)
But I can't save a form, or navigate through the tabs. Drag and Drop doesn't work.

I discovered that if I go into global config and turn debug ON, then I can save forms and build them. But when I turn it off, I can't.

I've tried different browsers, but no luck.

If it helps, my site has a number of extensions which use jquery such as GTranslate, and a fair amount of custom php code.

Any advice?

GreyHead 01 May, 2011
Hi wdemilly,

It has to be a JavaScript conflict of some kind. I don't know why turning DeBug on should make a difference though - in Joomla! 1.6 turning DeBug on changes the loaded version of MooTools (from compressed to uncompressed); maybe something similar is happening here?

By all means email or PM me the site URL and a SuperAdmin login and I'll take a quick look.

GreyHead 02 May, 2011
Hi wdemilly,

I took a look at the site and MooTools 1.11 is being loaded in both the front and back ends. As far as I can see this is being driven by the Google Ajax Plug-in - see the settings below. I guess that this plug-in is disabled when Debug is on and then the 'correct' MooTools library is loaded.

It's a complex site and you have many script-driven elements. You'll need to work out the best development strategy. If you disable the plug-in then MooTools 1.2.x will be loaded and ChronoForms v4 will work - but there may be other side effects.

if you decide to stay with the plug-in then you should upgrade the MooTools version to 1.12 and then ChronoForms v3.2 should run OK.


PS Looking again at the image I see the plug-in is only enabled for MooTools - so it may be OK to disable it completely.
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