Street Address Data

Wineblue2 27 Apr, 2011
Well I am creating an email form to collect name, email, street address, city, state, zip for placing orders and the form also has a text area so clients can detail their order requests. I am not seeing a VARCHAR2 table field type and I do not see any option labeled Address in the wizard to make this work. When I test it on the front end I get a message stating that this field is set to alphanumeric although I have alphanumeric, numeric and digit check marked in this form field validation area. Need some help getting this sorted out please.
GreyHead 27 Apr, 2011
Hi WineBlue2,

I think you need a 'textarea' element for the order requests. I don't understand the aprt about VARCHAR.

Uncheck all the "alphanumeric, numeric and digit" checks -- these are all too limiting for a textarea.

Wineblue2 27 Apr, 2011
I simply ended up unchecking all boxes except the Required option and it seems to be working now. Thanks Bob!
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