form not submitting - numbered errors with no info

chris23 11 Apr, 2011

I've created a couple forms using the helpful information contained on the pdf's and this forum. However, when I test my forms it produces a list of numbered errors without any information on each error. I have debug switched to "on".

Also, the recaptcha doesn't show up on the error page. Here is the URL for one of my forms -

I appreciate any input on how I could fix this. Thanks!

GreyHead 11 Apr, 2011
Hi Chris,

Is this the latest ChronoForms version 3.2?

If so there's a bug in the File upload code. Please see this post.

chris23 11 Apr, 2011
Hi Bob,

Yes, that's the version I'm using. I followed the thread and updated the chronoformsupdate.php file and now it works fine. Thank you very much for your time and help!

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