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kispal91 29 Mar, 2011
My question is this would be!
How can I solve it, if at all .. .. it is a solution that
If you want your users to submit data to bring things .. 1 ...
For example .. How many people are in the family ..
Each family member, a relative in a separate written inpout name.
Therefore, I do not know how many inpout need ..
May be that we're 10 or 20 to well up from .. but 20 of the ugly inpout under each other ..
Therefore, I would like to solve .. If the user name .. if you want to enter a separate +1 inpotba .. then
Click a button and it appears plus 1 plus inpout Text ...!
Below each other ...
Is there a solution?
Thank you in advance for your response!
GreyHead 31 Mar, 2011
Hi kispal91 ,

There are a couple of threads here discussing this. The easiest approach is to create all the sets of fields in the Form HTML up to a maximum of say 20 and then hide 19 of them and use a JavaScript snippet of code to unhide the next one when a link is clicked.

There are some problems with validation in doing this with standard ChronoForms validation. If you need to validate and hide inputs then I suggest that you look at the Forms with Hideable Sections tutorial that you can buy for a few dollars from my site.

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