Joomla 1.6 Compatibility

mkusens 07 Mar, 2011
Is there an estimated release date for ChronoForms and ChronoConnectivity compatible with Joomla 1.6?
GreyHead 07 Mar, 2011
Hi mkusens,

I have no idea about ChronoConenctivity and Joomla! 1.6, sometime after ChronoForms is my best guess.

For info on ChronoForms please see the ChronoForm v4 forums.

faktist 28 Apr, 2011
anything new on connectivity for 1.6?
Or does anyone know of a simple tutorial on building a simple component with the features of connectivity? I mean, some database queries and the ability to publish/unpublish cant be too hard...

Any help welcome!
faktist 30 Apr, 2011
Well, does anybody know if there is a plan to make Connectivity 1.6 compatible? There is no other component that can be compared to this absolutly great tool. At least I havent found any in 5 hours of searching.
So: will there be an update and if when. Or should I take the step and write something for my own? The Problem with wrting my own Component is, that I'm not a Joomla Developer at all. I would have to read all that joomla related stuff and it would become expensive for my client. But: if there are plans to port this component to 1.6 there is money of my clients budget left and I could pay at least a little for the porting.
But what I really need to know is, if its worth to wait or should I start with something else?
GreyHead 30 Apr, 2011
Hi faktist,

I think that Max has said that he plans to release ChronoConnectivity for Joomla! 1.6 but I have no idea of the time scale.

It would probably be relatively simple - if you know what you are doing - to port the exisiting release into Joomla! 1.6. But I suspect that Max wants to re-write it in the more flexible style of ChronoForms v4.

I think that you can get quite a lot of the ChronoConnectivity functionality with CFv4 using the multiple DB load feature, custom coding and creativity.

momentis 02 May, 2011

Thanks for the update on CC for J1.6!

I have a site that I have to build on J1.6, owing primarily to the need for the new ACLs. I am using CFv4 on the site. I want to have a registration form that will pull data from fields in the Community Builder user table an prepopulate the fields on the form, making it quicker for the person to fill out and submit. Is that something that can be done with CFv4 alone, or would I need to wait for CC?

Please understand, I am not looking for you to provide a solution! I just want to know if this is possible. I can muck around with it to get it to work!!

GreyHead 02 May, 2011
Hi Rick,

I'm not a CFv4 expert yet . . . but I think this should be fairly straightforward once you have found your way around v4. In most areas it is more flexible than v3.

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