There is no form with this name, Could not instantiate mail.

sskaget 01 Mar, 2011

I see that im not the only one with this problem - though after seaching the forum, I could not find any sound answer to my problem. So I'm trying with my own post...

PROBLEM : I get 2 messages:

1: ChronoForms, There is no form with this name
2: Notice, Could not instantiate mail function.

My toublesome form is here:

Could it be some issue with the company server? If so, any idea what to do?
Under I have pested in the debug info from joomla.

This is the Debug info:

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Application afterRender: 0.227 seconds
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  FROM `jos_chrono_contact` 
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GreyHead 01 Mar, 2011
Hi sskaget,

I don't get the "There is no form with this name" message here. The form appears and seems to submit OK. I do see the "Could not instantiate mail function." message, I think that usually measn that no mail server has been configured for the site in the Global Configuration settings.

sskaget 01 Mar, 2011
"There is no form with this name" (Problem) was actually because i installed the ChronoForms Module - and activated it by mistake...
so that issue is gone...

But you say you the form looks fine... but it really is not...

here is a screenshot of the message i get:

and it does not send any form info to my mail....

are you saying you dont get the same message???

Best regards
Stian Skaget
GreyHead 01 Mar, 2011
Hi sskaget,

I do see the "Could not instantiate mail function." message, I think that usually means that no mail server has been configured for the site in the Global Configuration settings.

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