Appropriate Use of Chronoforms?

jbowden 27 Feb, 2011
Hello all,

Let me start by saying that I am an utter Chronoforms newbie (just downloaded it a couple of hours ago). My intent was to use Chronoforms as a replacement for the basic editor that my users would use to publish a new article in Joomla under a particular category as opposed to using the basic Joomla editor to submit a new article.

Is that something that Chronoforms can handle? My apologies if the question is obvious to some, but I really have found no tutorial or information on the Chronoengine website that would indicate to me how that was accomplished.

If anyone can show me a roadsign to where I might find that info, I would be very grateful.

Thank you.

GreyHead 28 Feb, 2011
Hi John,

You can use ChronoForms like this. There is a submit_content form that you can download from the site here and use to create simple articles. (The Users' Stories form on the menu above is an example.) And there are several threads about building articles from several form inputs.

Hard to say if this is the best approach for your site though.

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