Calculation? Can this be done?

venessa711 02 Feb, 2011
I am trying to make a form that does the following but I dont quite know where to start..

Its similar to a shopping cart, but doesnt need to be that complex..

it will have checkbuttons with Image

and I also need one text, dropbox

The check buttons = $150 if clicked
the drop box is $50 x whatever number is selected

then a Total Box

and Next Button

Basically I will have a bunch of selectable images that if clicked will calculate at $150, and if they select a number in the drop box it will add $50 x whatever number is selected

and then display a total..

Can this be done?
GreyHead 03 Feb, 2011
Hi vanessa711,

Yes, that's fairly straightforward. You will need a little JavaScript to do the calculations (or they can be done in PHP after the form is submitted).

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