How To allow my users to update their field ?

Yann63 12 Aug, 2010
Hello all,
I skimmed trough "all" the forum but I didn't find the answers of my questions but I'm sure the answer is simple.
I use forms to allow my users to register for sports tournaments. I would like to allow them, to update their registration.
In other terms, I'd like to know how can I implement an UPDATE instead of a INSERT INTO.

Today, when a user submit a form, it created a new entrie in the database. If he submitted 5 times the form, it created 5 entries. I want to have only 1 entries

thanks to all for your answers
GreyHead 13 Aug, 2010
Hi Yann63,

Make sure that the Primary Key value of the record that you want to update is included in the form as a hidden input. Something like:
<input type='hidden' name='cf_id' value ='9999' />

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