Redirect back in history?

jhdesign 16 Jul, 2010
Can CF redirect a user back in history?

I've got a page with the form on it, this same page shows more info after user loggs in.

I'm using the Joomla Registration plugin and wish to redirect user to the same page after login.

At the moment the 'submitted page' shows "You may now login".

Any help is appreciated.

GreyHead 16 Jul, 2010
Hi Jacob,

I think you can add the page url into the Form Redirect URL box. This would work with a 'normal' form, I'm not certain if using the plugin affects it though.

jhdesign 16 Jul, 2010
I forgot to mention that the form is on multiple pages, I need something more dynamic then a static URL. Something that will go back in browse -1 or -2 in history pages.
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