another multipage plugin issue

ogenia 14 Jul, 2010
Hi all,

I've searched and searched for the cause of my problems but can't seem to figure this out...

I've created some forms with the wizard and then connected them with a mother form,
the mother form is connected to a table and the plugin is selected (green) on the mother as well.

I'm getting this when I open the link to the form:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting ',' or ';' in C:\server\xampp\htdocs\joomla\components\com_chronocontact\chronocontact.php(53) : eval()'d code on line 58

Any ideas what this might mean and what I can do about it?

Also, when I try to fill out the form entirely, I only get the data from the first child saved to the database, the rest is not showing up...

thx in advance.
GreyHead 14 Jul, 2010
Hi ogenia,

Do you have a dash '-', space or any other special characters other than a-z, A-Z, 0-9 in any of your input names or table column names?

ogenia 14 Jul, 2010
Hi, I've checked my input names and table column names and found no special characters.
GreyHead 14 Jul, 2010
Hi ogenia,

Ok then please try this on the form with the DB Connection:

In the Form Editor click the DB Connection tab and set the Connection to 'No'. Click the 'Apply icon in the toolbar to save the form, open the DB Connection tab, set the Connection back to 'Yes' and re-save the form. This will refresh the copy of the table information that ChronoForms uses.

ogenia 14 Jul, 2010
ok done, still have the same issue...

could it have something to do with the form ID?

mother form is id 11
child1 is 9
child2 is 14
child3 is 15
child4 is 19

otherwise the only other thing that comes to mind is whether the form name needs to have an underscore in it? ie: child_1

or is it ok to have it simply named child1 ?
GreyHead 14 Jul, 2010
Hi ogenia,

It's definitely a DB Connection related problem. The error comes when ChronoForms loads it's saved copy of the Db Table structure.

Nothing to do with form IDs, nor are underscores needed.

Do you have a DB Connection enabled on any of the child forms that isn't linked to a valid table?

ogenia 14 Jul, 2010
Hi Bob,

no, i don't have any child forms linked to a DB...

thx so much for your help btw.

ogenia 14 Jul, 2010
Hi Bob,

I turned on the debugging on the multipage plugin and got this:

$params: JParameter Object ( [_raw] => stepscount=4 formsnames=detoxform1,detoxform2,detoxform3,detoxform4 finalbuttonname=submit now debugging=1 onsubmit=before_email [_xml] => [_elements] => Array ( ) [_elementPath] => Array ( [0] => C:\server\xampp\htdocs\joomla\libraries\joomla\html\parameter\element ) [_defaultNameSpace] => _default [_registry] => Array ( [_default] => Array ( [data] => stdClass Object ( [stepscount] => 4 [formsnames] => detoxform1,detoxform2,detoxform3,detoxform4 [finalbuttonname] => submit now [debugging] => 1 [onsubmit] => before_email ) ) ) [_errors] => Array ( ) )
formname: detox_application_form
Pages: Array ( [0] => detoxform1 [1] => detoxform2 [2] => detoxform3 [3] => detoxform4 )
Current step: 1
Session data: Array ( )
ogenia 15 Jul, 2010
Still stuck on this one...please help.

I've looked up parse/syntax errors but i'm not a coder, so i'm having trouble with this. Plus the code was provided by the wizard so I figured the code would be good.

Not sure how to proceed.
GreyHead 17 Jul, 2010
Hi ogenia,

Sorry, I don't have anything else to suggest except that you need to debug this step by step.

The code that the Wizard produces is safe for use with the Database. But the error is still linked to the Database somehow.

ogenia 28 Jul, 2010
Thx anyway Bob,

to make it easier and to save time, I just went ahead with one long form instead of a multipage. It turns out this is to our benefit as people can now see what and how many questions we are asking in advance of filling the form...
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