How to use the data stored from a simple form?

orionstarman 07 Jul, 2010
For example I made a simple form with 2 text boxes, one for name and the other for email and a submit box.
These entries successfully get into the data base. But how do I display the fields out of them?
Call the fields into an article or a list or something,
How do would you do that?

Thanks in advance,

GreyHead 07 Jul, 2010
Hi Orionstarman,

What exactly do you want to do with the information?

orionstarman 08 Jul, 2010
Thank you Bob. I had discovered ChronoConnectivity.
A bit of a noob with joomla but have worked with classic ASP for a bit and some simple MS SQL.

Well I suppose I wanted to learn how to display the data I had gathered in general since I now had learned how to obtain it.🙂

However, what came to mind was being able to make lists according to fields.
To return search results , again according to fields gathered from forms.
Perhaps personalize some parts of a page or module according to the person logged on with their preferences, or their name and related info for that matter.

Would that be a tall order? LOL

Again thank you for your reply.
GreyHead 08 Jul, 2010
Hi orionstarman,

Well, all of that is possible but there is no general answer.

Once you have a user's id (they have to be logged in) or some other tracking info from a cookie then all kinds of customisation is possible. You can pull up data from any database table ans display it either in a module or an article (using a plugin).

If you have some very specific aims in mind that makes them easier to discuss.

orionstarman 08 Jul, 2010
Indeed. Thank you. May I ask? Are you referring to the chrono plugin or chrono module per se or some other?
GreyHead 08 Jul, 2010
Hi orionstarman,

It depends on what you want to do. Possibly the ChronoForms ones, more likely Jumi, possibly something else.

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