I followed your instruction and now still get the following

mangofunky posted Jul 7, 2010 at 01:09
1st how do I change to the actual websites url. Also I still get the hey admin reply?

Thank you for contacting us at, we have received your message and we will get back to you ASAP!

Hey admin, you need to configure the emaisl addresses in the admin area for the real form to be sent to YOU

1. Form passed first SPAM check OK
2. Form passed the submissions limit (if enabled) OK
3. Form passed the Image verification (if enabled) OK
4. Form passed the server side validation (if enabled) OK
5. $_POST Array: Array ( [name] => Lars Hansson [email] => [email][/email] [subject] => test [check0] => Array ( [0] => e commerce [1] => Graphic Design ) [message] => test [button_5] => Submit [126c6584a4d0d986a186f692d0e33903] => 1 [1cf1] => b942444c1913788f45dda37195032320 [chronoformname] => basicDemo )
6. $_FILES Array: Array ( )
7. Form passed the plugins step (if enabled) OK
8. Debug End
GreyHead posted Jul 7, 2010 at 05:55
Hi mangofunky,

You don't say what instructions you followed?

a) The message that you want to change is in the OnSubmit After Email code box on the Form Code tab.

b) Neither of these Email Setups is valid. You must have To, Subject, From Email and From Name elements in each (or the Dynamic equivalents). Please check the Email tutorial from the tuturial link above.

vdneut posted Jul 17, 2010 at 11:36
A small note to the answer a) from previous post: took me one hour to find out that I had to click on [+/-]... because nothing was showing, so I assumed it was empty

Would be an idea to show some indicator that it is empty or filled?


Excelent form component by the way!
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