Two CF, one CC

PicoPaco 06 Jul, 2010
This is what I want to accomplish

As you can see I have two tables with two ChronoForms and one Connectivity. The only thing in this view that I haven't been able to do is the "Filter"-function in CC. I can only filter from one of the tables. I have a few threads about this and have been looking around alot in this forum for this, but I haven't figured it out. There are three solutions for this in my mind:

1. To do a joined search some how, this would be the best solution, in this case I wont need to store redundant data in the contract table.

2. After submit the contract CF a new insert will be done to the Contract table with the same information as the ContractGroup table (by using the GroupId). (Problem is that I can't find a way to do a new insert after submit)

3. Pick data from ContractGroup into inputfields in Contract CF by Ajax.


GreyHead 07 Jul, 2010
Hi PicoPaco,

At the moment ChronoConnectivity can't handle compound MySQL queries out of the box - queries that access more than one table.

I have hacked the previous release to do this for a client - but it's not a simple hack. I recall that someone posted a simpler hack here a few weeks ago.

Or you can try creating a MySQL view or virtual table in the CC Header box and using that for your query.

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