Incorrect Image Verification - Prevent from from being wiped

tfisk 02 Jul, 2010

I have only just started using ChronoForms, but after creating a few test forms I have noticed that if the image verification is entered incorrectly the whole form is wiped and the data has to be re-entered. Obviously this is going to be rather annoying if you have a rather long form that you have spent 5 - 10 minutes completing.

So my question... is it possible to change this behaviour, so if the form verification is entered incorrectly the form information is saved and the user is required to enter a new verification code?


GreyHead 02 Jul, 2010
Hi Tom,

On the Form General Tab please set "Republish fields if error occured" to "Try to Republish".

AussieSwede 04 Jul, 2010
I encountered the same problem too...😟
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