Loading page gives: You are not allowed to access this URL

magicsun 01 Jul, 2010

I'm using Chrono Forms for different website's at work. Yet this is the first time that I'm experiencing something like this.

I have 5 forms, 1 medium one, the others are really small. Yet sometimes when loading the page where the form is on, it gives me a "You are not allowed to access this URL" error.

When I hit refresh, the error dissapears and the form appears.

I mostly get them with loading the page. I have now had them 2 times after submitting aswell. Because of that it gives a captcha error aswell.

They are basic forms, no databases etc. Only anti-spam enabled. I have disabled "Check token" since i've found that as a solution online. Yet it doesn't seem to work for me.

Does anyone have a solution?

I have found loads of topics about this, but none fit my problem really. Many of those use databases, have the error showing up all of the time etc.

I do have a confirmation page, but even before that, the error showed up.


GreyHead 02 Jul, 2010
Hi Mirna,

This error message comes from the Securty Check Token code as far as I can see. Unfortunately turning the check token off doesn't completely supress the error. I saw a post by Fredrik (nml375) about this form today or yesterday that will tell you more.

magicsun 02 Jul, 2010
No offense, but that doesn't really help me at all.
Which forum? This one or the "bugs" one?

If I view his profile, I don't see any posts by him from today or yesterday.

I do find a topic that has been replied to yesterday, but that problem is with databases and such, and doesn't really have a solution either.

If you could give me some more information that would be great.
GreyHead 02 Jul, 2010
Hi Mirna,

I'm sorry, there wasn't a recent post - I must have spotted an old one whilst browsing - but a search turns up several older ones like this

magicsun 02 Jul, 2010
All the posts tell me to disable check token, but as I already posted at the beginning I have that already disabled.

Yet still the error appears now and then. Not consistent, that's the weird thing. It's also in random browsers, like firefox and IE on both mac and windows. It's not that it's an IE problem only.

My cache is disabled, I have the latest versions of both component and plugin, I don't use databases, It's not a registered only form ..

It's just a basic form (5 of them) ... I include them in an article with a shortcode, because some text need to be added before the form.
GreyHead 03 Jul, 2010
Hi Mirna,

The post I linked to also suggested that you made a small change to the code. Have you done that?

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