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davehaertel 12 Apr, 2010
I've just started configuring my company's websites and also moved all of our mail in house to an Exchange Server. This has caused a problem within the contact forms that were created with Chrono forms. I'm sure the php mailer is working correctly because I have created several test accounts inside Joomla and have received my registration confirmation emails immediately. The forms however are still not sending outbound mail. I did make a change in global configuration to get the php mailer to work, I had to enter our new SMTP server instead of localhost. So, my question is, is there another location I have to configure within Chrono Forms, so that the forms read the new settings, or do I have to uninstall and reinstall the component? Any ideas would be appreciated, thanks.

GreyHead 13 Apr, 2010
Hi Daveheartel.

No, ChronoForms simply uses the Joomla Mailer setup. Provided that is working then the forms will work OK.

BUT if you are using an SMTP server I suspect that you need to use the SMTP setting in the Mailer Global Configuration (not PHP Mailer).

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