SOLVED: White Screen on Save

insightcreative 11 Apr, 2010
Hi all

I am trying to set up a form which will have multiple pages and have used the code from the FAQs as a starting point.

I create a new form, paste the code in and then when I click save I just get a white screen and it doesn't actually save anything.

I have a working form on the same site so I pasted the same code into the working form and get the same thing. So it looks like it doesn't like the code for tabbed forms in the FAQs.

I'd like to get this working if possible so any help would be appreciated.


GreyHead 11 Apr, 2010
Hi Andy,

The recent ChronoForms releases have a 'quirk' that can cause this if there is any PHP in the Form HTML. The workaround is to add this line just after the first <?php tag:
if ( !$mainframe->isSite() ) { return; }
. . .
This just stops ChronoForms from trying to execute the PHP when the form is saved.

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