Errors on submit

AndrewShep 03 Apr, 2010
We have set up a fairly straightforward form. On submit, the data appears to be saved to DB with no problem, but we get an error "Notice: Undefined property: Tablechronoforms_requestBrochure::$id in /export/home/sawtooth/fledglings/webs/ on line 283"

Anyone have any ideas?

Andrew Shep
GreyHead 04 Apr, 2010
Hi Andrew,

It looks as though the table you are using may not have a primary key defined?

AndrewShep 07 Apr, 2010
Thanks Bob - that was exactly the answer! Chronoforms looks a really excellent package. It seems a pity tho that it falls over on fairly predictable errors like this and e.g: use of special characters in field names. It would be much more elegant and less time wasting if it could produce coherent error messages!

Best wishes,

GreyHead 07 Apr, 2010
Hi Andrew,

Broadly speaking I agree with you. Though I think that Max would argue that it's close to impossible to track all the many varieties of uses that are made of it.

In this case the message is a PHP 'Notice' of a possible problem (Not geenrated by ChronoForms at all). These Notices will usually disappear if you set Error Reporting to 'System Default' in the Site Global Configuraton.

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