display different form based on login

rmesman 22 Mar, 2010
Hi (again),

This is what I try to do:
- User will register on site using CB registration; within registration user will select to which group he/she belongs.
- After registration and login; user has menu-link to form.
- based on which group a different form will be shown: so Group A will get FormA, Group B will get FormB.

How to make this?

I can check, by code, to which group a user belongs; but I cannot figure out how to display a different form based on this knowledge.

I tried using Jumi: put code in article which echos' {chronoctact}FormA{/chronocontact} if Group A; this does echo the characters but does not trigger the CF plugin :-(

I can make a very big form where first the usergroup will be determinded and based on that the according formcode will be shown; but this seems also much work.

Maybe an alternative is making a multipage form where, based on which usergroup, page1 (with FormA) or page2 (with FormB) will be shown. But I do not know where I need to put the php-code which determines the usergroup.

Anyone has a better/simple solution?

GreyHead 23 Mar, 2010
Hi Robin,

The Jumi approach should work but you'd need to make sure that the Jumi plugin runs before the ChronoForms plugin.

You could also create a 'switch' form that does nothing except to redirect the user to another form depending on their group.

rmesman 23 Mar, 2010
Ok, I will try both
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