New Record Attempts to Edit Existing Records

commitmenttitle 12 Mar, 2010
On my CC page (front end), when a user clicks the New Record link, it takes them to an existing record. It appears to be a different record for each user, but the result is the same: the Reset button doesn't work, and any attempt to press submit returns the "You are not authorized to view this page, Row Edit Error" error, regardless of their actual permissions. What might cause this? I have reset all sessions via clearing jos_sessions, but to no effect.

It works fine in the backend, which uses the same CF for its "Record Edit Form"
commitmenttitle 12 Mar, 2010
Update: it did not in fact work fine in the backend, because it wasn't even submitting. I reversed the change I mentioned here:

Oddly enough, this not only fixed the error, but I am no longer getting double posts the to DB, it seems. However, a new record is still being prepopulated with an existing record. I can edit it, but the reset button doesn't work and new record should bring up a blank form!
dbain 14 Apr, 2010
I am having the same issue. When I select new record, I am getting an existing record. If I try to edit this record, and press submit, I get Row Edit Error, you are not authorized. I've gotten it to work on a different form with a different table in the same database, and it works fine.

I can't figure out what the difference is and I can't tell from this post what you tried.
nml375 14 Apr, 2010
Hi dbain,
If you check the ChronoConnection Bugs forum, you'll find a thread named something like "A very severe byg in new record" by maxxorox which covers the new/edit issue. There you'll also find a discussion between me and Bob (greyhead) on ways to fix this bug, along with atleast one working fix by me.

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